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where quality always comes first

Comptons 2000’s skilled workforce are constantly working on projects throughout industry and commerce.

Hardwearing performance and durability, plus our renowned total quality, ensure that whatever your bespoke requirement, we havethe abilities and skills to produce whatever you need to the very highest standards.

From traditional design and production of marquees and tentage, to classic car auto covers, a wide variety of base fabrics are available to suit your project.

As you would expect, the Comptons 2000 quality is in evidence throughout the process, from design, development to production,with full technical support and specification to advice on fabrics and finishes.

From banners to boxing ring corners, from welding curtains to commercial vehicle covers, blackout systems to webbing assemblies,seating,storage, aerospace and special projects, Comptons 2000 have built a reputation of the highest quality.

Our total quality procedures ensure that all aspects of design, quality, information, service and product production are of the highestpossible standards, from the largest to the smallest project, from a huge marquee to a happy birthday banner, a generator or aircraftcover to a small blackout system.

Please contact us for further information or to arrange a consultation.

Comptons 2000...the quality you know you can trust.

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