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where quality always comes first

Comptons 2000 have built a long-standing and enviable reputation as manufacturers of the highest quality.

The company has over 50 years experience of manufacturing quality, trademark products for industry, commerce and the Ministry ofDefence, with a traditional and talented skill base, supported by the very best in new technology.

We have the ability and expertise to meet both the technical and highest quality demands of challenging and important projects forthe Ministry of Defence, as a primary contractor, and we are fully accredited to BSEN ISO 9001 standard.

Comptons 2000’s impressive client base stretches across a range of industries, and our highly skilled and motivated workforce havemade everything from MOD waterproof covers to boxing ring corners, and even specialist projects such as waterproof supports tostrengthen sea walls....there is probably nothing our team cannot make.

We are specialists in the production of commercial vehicle covers, classic car covers and bespoke tentage, using the highest levelof skill and quality of materials.

Our design and development team can advise on solutions and develop tailor-made prototypes as required, ensuring that from thevery first contact, a project is on track to be produced to meet its requirements, exactly and precisely, from military covers and canteens for the British Army, to banners, welding curtains and trailer covers.

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